Saturday, February 16, 2008

Opening my shop on Etsy!

I have decided to open a shop on Click the image above to be directed to my shop! My shop address is:

Please bear with me while I begin to build inventory, as I have not had the time to create anything in a very long time! In the last few weeks, my son has finally begun sleeping on his own and through the night so I actually am able to work on projects after he's in bed! I haven't had a spare second to myself in a full year when at 4 months old he decided co sleeping was the ONLY way to go!! Don't get me wrong, I do miss co sleeping a little bit, but I LOVE finally being able to put him down on his own for the night and do what I need/want to! I'm so glad he is finally getting the proper night's sleep he needs and I have a little "Me" time back, yeah!!

I am so excited to be taking a big step in the right direction for myself! I absolutely love being a mom, but now I'm going to devote some time to creating arts and crafts that I enjoy so much too!

For years family and friends have been strongly suggesting that I HAVE to go into business for myself to sell my work, and I always receive rave reviews and praise for the various gifts, invitations, and cards I make for them. I have always wanted to go into business for myself, but have never gotten around to it because it always felt like there wasn't enough time for me to devote to doing this. I was very busy in college balancing classes, work, and extracurricular activities such as orchestra which didn't leave room for much else.

Fast forward to 2008: I'm a proud stay-at-home mommy to the most amazing and loving little boy I could ever imagine, I have a degree in Business Administration, and I'm seeking the most ideal work-life balance possible. I would love to help support our family in some way, but I am not quite ready to re-enter the corporate workforce having to place my young son in daycare. We are a military family, so I need a career that I can carry with me wherever the military takes us.

I definitely realize how much I have missed creating hand made gifts and cards. Now is the perfect time in my life to pursue the goal of doing what I love for a living! I hope to at least be able to contribute to retirement and college funds for our family by selling my art work. Being able to stay home with our son and be his primary caregiver and "first teacher" is priceless! I and many others can already see the positive impact being a stay-at home mom has had on our son so far. It is my dream to be able to stay home with him and also work from home as an artist. I can't think of any other jobs in the world that would fulfill me more than this combination. I'm taking the plunge and taking steps towards meshing my business education with my passion for arts and crafting!